Overwhelmed? Unsure? Angry? Floundering? Sad? Panicked?

Divorce can do that to the best of us!

Join us as 24 Global Experts offer you their BEST tips, ideas, tools and advice for thriving rather
than merely surviving your divorce!

If you dream of a new life after your divorce that will bring you GREAT joy and
happiness, than these 5 Minute Success Strategies and an amazing array of bonus materials, are for you!

Focusing on What’s Best
For Your Child

A Blueprint For
A Friendly Divorce

Shifting to New

Let’s Make a
Bigger Pie

Journey to Joy:
YOUR Oxygen Mask First

Fathers and Daughters:
An Essential Bond

Sparkling Through and
Beyond Your Divorce

Placing Your Order With
The Cosmic Kitchen

In Court?
10 Strategic Tips

Where’s Your Focus?
Them or You?

They Are Who They Are:
Accept It!

Conscious Completion:
Making Peace with the Past

Hopeful Habits
For Healthy Divorce

Triggered By Your Ex?
An Intelligent Response

3 Life-Defining
Post-Divorce Questions

Manifesting the

When Communication

Where Divorce Ends,
Your Destiny Begins

They’re Kids – Not Counsellors,
Spies or Messengers

Divorce Decor: Getting Your
Mojo Back With Color & Design

Getting Cash from Your
Ex’s Retirement Fund

Body Wisdom and Presence:
Two Big Allies

Avoiding Dangerous
Divorce Mistakes

Long Term Separation?
Know the Risks

“Your informative interviews were thought provoking and I learned a lot from them. Thank you.”

Each expert gives you their best divorce related insight in five minutes or less!

You will learn about…

  • How your kids needs and your needs differ
  • The power of creating conscious ending
  • How to make smart financial choices
  • How to create a life on purpose
  • Using your body wisdom to guide your decisions
  • The impact of fear and how to melt it
  • Creating a vibrant post-divorce life
  • Strategies for great co-parenting
  • What matters most
  • Money matters and how to plan ahead

What’s Different About The Divorce Advice Experts Series?

Each expert shares one main insight in record time!

  • No listening for an hour to get one great tip!
  • No long sales pitches for other products!
  • No 10 minute long introduction of each expert!
  • Straight forward, valuable, information and insights to help you smooth out the bumps in your divorce journey!
  • Our experts gets to the heart of what drives their practice without any fluff. You get the “meat” in record time.
  • Their insights are delivered in video and/or audio format in 5 (or so) minutes.


What will you get when you purchase The Divorce Advice Experts Series?

Learn from award-winning speakers, bestselling authors, global experts and leaders in their industries

  • 24 Experts sharing their insights on video and/or audio (all content is downloadable)
  • Over 30 Bonus offerings from these experts! (some require you to sign up on the expert’s web page – but all are Free!)
    • Amazing eBooks to Multi-part learning programs
    • Guided Meditations to Personal Consultations
    • Quizzes, assessments, tools and so much more!